Do you pickle? Homemade pickles and more

Don’t ask what prompted me to try the homemade pickle recipe I saw on GimmeSomeOven. I probably was drawn to it because I love English cucumbers, and buy them at Costco. Costco “keeps the costs low” as my kids always tease me, and it’s true. I can get three large English cucumbers for a much lower price than my neighborhood Harris Teeter. It kills me, however, when they go bad. But there’s just so much cucumber I can eat.

Then I found that homemade pickle recipe and I was hooked. It’s ridiculously simple. Mix some water, vinegar and spices in a jar, add cucumber slices and let sit. The longer, the better. My daughter now eats them for a snack right out of the mason jar. And when the pickles start disappearing, I just cut up another cucumber. My husband puts them on his sandwiches. I chop them up and put them in tuna salad.

I ‘ve only stuck to the basics: vinegar, water, peppercorns, garlic and bay leaves. But you can definitely switch up the flavors. Here’s a few varieties you can try from the Kitchn.



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