How Do You Decide What to Sew?

IMG_5919.jpgI love fabric, I love to sew, and I love patterns. What could be the problem? Simple. I just don’t know how to pick the right fabric for the right pattern, get the right fit, and sew the pattern well. I end up with a lot of fabric trash. Here’s an example. I made this Moss skirt from Grainline Studio in pink stretch denim from I had made it previously in a linen blend and another stretch denim. love it but when I made it in a size 10, it was rather large. I did not realize how much the stretch in all those fabrics would impact my size choice. Nor did I realize that the pattern does not call for fabric with any stretch.


I bought faux suede and corduroy from StyleMaker Fabrics and made it again. I could not wait to see how it would come out. Little did I know that my expensive faux suede had no ease at all. I couldn’t sit. I had to add a stripe of ponte to each side. Now every time I look at it, I am just upset with myself for not knowing. And I’m afraid to cut into my pretty olive corduroy. So frustrating.

As one of my sewing goals for 2018, I am striving to get better at this. Here’s how:

  • I acknowledge that I am still a beginner. I spend way too much time on social media looking at people’s gorgeous makes. I have to remind myself that they, too, started somewhere and probably had a lot of fabric trash too.
  • I joined the 2018 Ready to Wear Fast to remind myself that I can make things rather than buy things.
  • I joined Sew My Style 2018 to get discounts on good patterns and stay focused on my goal of making more of my clothes. Truth be told, I probably will not buy half the patterns. I know my limits. I am not planning to make a coat in February. But I am planning to make the Tamarack Jacket by Grainline.
  • I enrolled in Skirt Skills, an online class taught by Brooks Ann Camper.

I’m hoping Brooks’ class will help me get a basic understanding of my personal fit issues. But she does not focus on commercial patterns, so I still won’t know what pattern look like on me, how a fabric will react to that pattern, and how to alter fit to make the pattern look good.

So, I ask you: how do you decide what to sew? I hope you’ll share your insight with me as I begin my 2018 sewing journey.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Decide What to Sew?

  1. I’m really excited to hear how you like the Skirt Skills class. I’m considering enrolling as well. Also, I have the same problem, where for some reason (usually fit) a pattern doesn’t turn out as I’d hoped. This year, I’m focusing on making just a couple of garments but making them well. First up is Seamwork’s Astoria.


    1. So far so good. It’s only been one week but I am really enjoying it. I’ve taken a lot of Craftsy classes so I had a hard time justifying the cost. However, the personalized attention and Brooks’ approach really make this class different. She answers questions immediately, is more than helpful, and has really opened my eyes to how I approach sewing projects. Like any skill, sewing takes time, patience, and perseverance. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Good luck with our Astoria! I haven’t done any Seamwork patterns but I have done Colette’s Sorbetto. That is one of my best makes and required no fitting adjustments.


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