Egg and avocado breakfast – Mexican style

This is one of my favorite breakfasts for several reasons. It’s easy, it’s good for my diet, and it’s delicious!

You can doctor it any way you want, as long as you start with a hard boiled egg. How much avocado you add depends on how big your avocado is, and how much you enjoy the creamy fruit. I usually do about a quarter of an avocado, chopped in large chunks. Add some cilantro and salt and you’re good to go.

Not me. I like to add a lot more. Sometimes I’ll add Sriracha, other times I’ll drizzle some Herdez’ guacomole salsa. (Have you tried this stuff? It’s absolutely awesome.)

Today I went full hog. My other favorite thing to do is fry up one small corn tortilla in a pan. I love egg and avocado tacos but they are so messy. So now I cut up the tortilla, spray some oil in a pan, sprinkle the tortillas with salt, and fire up the pan. I get it good and hot so the tortilla crisps up.

In this dish, I rough chopped my egg and avocado, sprinkled in some salt and Mexican cheese, added the crispy tortilla bits and topped it with Mrs. Renfro’s roasted tomato salsa. It’s my new favorite salsa. Got it when I saw it on sale in my Ibotta ap.

The best part of the dish is that it comes in at 200 calories and it keeps me filled up till lunch! A double win!

Let me know if you give this a try and what you think!

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