Quilted journal cover for my bullet journal

I spend a lot of time on my phone, and it’s time to break the habit. When I heard about the bullet journal, I knew that would be a good first step.

A bullet journal follows a simple pattern. It’s contained in a blank notebook of your choosing. It starts with an index, which lets you track what you are jotting down on your pages (all pages in your journal are numbered). That’s followed by a future log, a monthly overview, and your daily tasks, notes, events and reminders. You create a key to remind yourself of the symbols you are using to track your information. You can find all the details about setting up a bullet journal at bulletjournal.com.

Once I delved more into the bullet journal, I quickly realized it’s an obsession for the doodle conscious. There are blogs, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, and youtube videos, all dedicated all designed to inspire you to make your journal your own. they help you create one that is as pretty and organized as you want it to be. I have no interest in spending hours creating pretty headers and pages for my journal. It’s much more utilitarian. I’m just getting started and trying to figure out what works for me. bullet-journal-daily-log

However, I didn’t like the way my bullet journal kept getting crushed in my pocketbook, and I immediately realized this was a great way for me to use my scraps on an easy sewing project. Hence, the quilted bullet journal cover I created below. I used this fantastic tutorial which was very easy to follow. I was pleased as punch when I realized I actually had scraps of the same fabric the author used for her tutorial. I sincerely hope she agrees that imitation is the best form of flattery. I think hers came out much prettier than mine, but I am happy with my results. Now, on to filling out those blank pages!

A personalized quilted cover for my bullet journal

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