Baby quilts and personalized wall hangings

Well, I finally finished my friends’ baby quilts, just in time to go see them next week.

IMG_2518My plan had been to buy one V and Co Color Me Happy Jelly Roll. I saw on her blog that she made two baby quilts in this free rail pattern and thought that would be perfect for them.

However, I quickly realized that they were really small. I guess I should have known from the finished measurements of the quilt, but what you read on paper, and what you see in reality, are two different things, as I’m sure you know.

Once I started creating the blocks, I realized I would have a lot of those pieced jelly rolls leftover, so I decided to make personalized pillows. I should have used smaller letters, because these were going to be waaayy too big for pillows. I created the letters in Word Art, and used double faced interfacing to place them. I also used a blue tailors chalk on this pale gray, and at first was very upset when I couldn’t get the blue line off You can’t see it anymore.


I used really thick pellon interfacing to back them. I just hope my friends can hang them because I did not include any way to do so. I’ve been hanging my wall quilts with simple staples right in the seam. You can’t see the staples and they come out of the wall with minimal damage. This stuff is much thicker than regular batting however.IMG_2521

In any event, I think the quilts came out great. I used my walking foot to do straight line quilting on the blue and green one. I used my free motion quilting foot do do squiggles (It has a different name, but you know what I mean) on the pink one. I love the way it looks.



ow they are wrapped and ready to be given to their new owners. I hope they like them!




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