Patio curtains – DIY from drop cloths

My back porch is one of my favorite rooms in my house. It’s fully screened, has comfortable furniture, and it’s where I want to be to read a book, have a cocktail before dinner with my husband Peter, or just take a Saturday afternoon snooze. Trouble is, that’s exactly when the sun is at full blast. We’ve been struggling to come up with a way to block the sun for those few short hours. Curtains are an obvious choice, but the amount of fabric I would need makes them ridiculously expensive. We tried bamboo shades from Home Depot for a while, but it just ruined the whole look and feel.

When porch weather rolled around again this year, I took up the charge once again. And this time, I found a great option. Drop cloth curtains. Who knew they could work so well?

drop cloth curtains

I followed the instructions I found here for buying, spraypainting, and installing the hardway. We purchased our drop cloths at Home Depot over Memorial Day weekend. What a steal! Packages of 2 drop cloths were $10 each! And, get this, it was buy one get one free! We walked away with 8 9-feet curtains for $20!!! The most expensive item was the hooks to hang them. We need a lot of them. But I am okay with that expense because it will work with whatever curtains we use now and in the future.

I’m still experimenting with tie backs, and haven’t yet hung them all. But I was so excited that I had to share. Now, there is a chance that these curtains will get moldy. But at $2.50/curtain, can I really complain? I’ll just get new ones next year!


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