Grilled salmon and summer corn salad

grilled salmon and cornWhile I would love to say that I buy everything organic from the farmer’s market down the street, I can’t lie. We are Costco regulars. It’s hard to beat the prices and the convenience. Buying in bulk, however, is not ideal. That was the problem with the corn. My husband came home with 8 ears of it. We ate 4 ears one night and it was delicious – I sprayed it with olive oil, grilled it, then sprinkled on the salt. No butter needed. However, I knew those other ears would go bad quick.

Enter salmon. We used to buy huge fresh slab of salmon when we went to Costco. Then my nephew told me to try the frozen fish. What a find! You can buy individually wrapped salmon fillets in the freezer section (there are several different types of fish to try). Now we have fresh fish at least once a week.

Here’s comes the fun part. I found this simple recipe at Kitchen Culinaire. We have organic greens (from Costco again), so it worked perfectly.

I made a few tweaks – had 4 ears of corn instead of 3 and added only 1 avocado. Don’t stress about the mustard. I had a chile-infused mustard my brother gave me. It worked wonders.

corn tomato and avocado salad

Since everything is better with bacon, I microwaved 4 or 5 slices and crumbled them over the top at the end.

corn, tomato and avocado saladMy husband actually ate this scrumptious concoction on a roll. Not a bad idea.

After dinner, I flaked the leftover salmon and added it to the corn when I put away the leftovers. The next day, I sprinkled some feta over the top for my lunch. I just couldn’t resist.

Will you try it? This is a light, healthy, delicious way to celebrate the bounties of summer. Even if those bounties do come from Costco.

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