Cantaloupe gazpacho

When summer comes, I eat gazpacho for lunch almost every week. It’s the most versatile soup. You can create it the traditional way, with tomatoes, a cucumber and a red pepper – I’ll post that recipe soon. However, since I eat it so much, I am always on the lookout for new ways to puree raw foods so I can combine them with flavors that make them outstanding.

This week I was inspired to make cantaloupe gazpacho. I first got the idea from this Food 52 post. However, it just looked like too much work. Soaking bread, crunching up almonds…it sounds great but I just didn’t feel like going to that much effort. So I kept looking. I came up with this post from Bon Appetit which looked great, but didn’t have great reviews. Still, I figured I’d give it a try and put my own spin on it.

cantaloupe gazpachoHere’s my twist: replace the water with rice wine vinegar (as one of the revieweres recommended).  Then add some honey to give it a little more sweetness. And, you can’t have sweet without spicy, in my opinion. So I had to add a swirl of siracha. I can’t eat anything without siracha.

It came out fantastic. Watch how much salt you add if you are sensitive. Add less until you get the right balance. This one’s a keeper.





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