DIY Patriotic wreath

I admire anyone who’s crafty, and that includes my husband, who has turned his artistic abilities into a career. I want to be crafty too, and love the feeling of accomplishment and pride I get when I create something with my own two hands. All it takes is practice, I always remind myself. So, if it doesn’t come out great the first time, I will not give up. The more I create, the better I will be.

When I saw this beautiful patriotic wreath on Positively Spendid’s blog, I was inspired to give it a try. She made it look so simple. My version is not nearly as nice as hers, but it ain’t half bad.


I couldn’t find the exact same ribbons she used, so went with what A.C. Moore had in the store. I didn’t realize my red was transparent, but I think it worked well when I wrapped the whole wreath.

And, I skipped gluing on the wooden stars in favor of a preprinted blue ribbon. I just wish it was thicker. I think mine was about 1.25 inches, as opposed to the 2 inches that was recommended. I just could not find the 2-inch ribbon in the store.

What do you think? Will you take a stab at creating your own patriotic wreath? If you do, please share a photo! I’d love to see it.


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